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The Golden Property Awards has become the primary reference and highest achievement for property ​business players in Indonesia, providing a comprehensive view of the quality of developed projects. Not ​only do property projects receive recognition, but industry figures and broker agents are also evaluated, ​emphasizing independence and objectivity in selecting winners.

Amidst the plethora of property awards today, GPA stands out by providing a true meaning to awards ​conducted independently, objectively, and free from conflicts of interest. GPA is the only research and ​survey-based property awards in Indonesia, grounded in measurable, tested, and reliable criteria, ​ensuring a professionally accountable evaluation.

Being a recipient of GPA is a source of pride, as projects and individuals are assessed against high ​standards, making it a primary reference for the consumer market.

This Year Theme

This year marks the second edition of the Golden Property Awards - The People's Choice, with the same fervor to engage consumer participation in the assessment of the projects/brands within the property industry. GPA The People's Choice emerges as a prominent series within the GPA platform, ensuring the recognition of all the deserving winners

GPA The People's Choice is the only property awards that combines professional assessments, evaluations with direct polling engagement from the general public, instilling confidence that the projects/brand who wins holds the highest value and is a trusted sign of quality

Registration Open

15 April

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25 May


11 June - 10 July


11 - 18 July



CATEGORIES Golden Property Awards 2024

Best Choice Housing Project
Best Choice Apartment Project
Best Choice Home Design
Best Choice Subsidized Housing Poject
Company of The Year
Best Choice Home Appliances
Best Choice Building Material
Best Choice Luxury Building Material
Best Choice Financial Institution

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